Hollywood Conspires with Moscow Against Kiev - Ukrainian Art Critics

Here’s an incredible reaction to the harsh realities of Ukraine’s historical pro-western choice

Originally appeared at Vesti – Ukrainian online resource. Translated by Julia Rakhmetova, Rhod Mackenzie

This article in a moderate Ukrainian magazine expresses the shock people experience seeing their countrymen portrayed in Hollywood TV shows. To get into Europe, they licked every Western ass at tongue’s length, betrayed their history, destroyed their country - and are treated as brutes, just like Russians.

Particularly insulting is that it is the same actor, Russian born Lev Gorn, who plays both Ukrainians and Russians. They couldn’t find a Ukrainian actor even for the role of villain!

Ukies can't believe this is the West they have chosen, chalking it up to a Russian conspiracy! What? The Russians have infiltrated Hollywood in a modern twist to Hollywood’s Red Scare of the fifties?!

Enjoy this bizarre display of Ukrainian paranoia!

The Ukraine is now appearing more often in foreign movies. The key plot of two popular CBS American TV-series with millions of viewers has become the conflict between the Ukraine and Russia.

With the Ukrainians being shown quite disparagingly – that immediately provoked talk that America is preparing the ground for the lifting the sanctions against Russia.

Ukraine’s provocation

In the programme ‘Madam Secretary’ currently being broadcast in the USA, the Ukrainian president with a ridiculous last name: Mikhail Bozek (who has the name and appearance reminding people of Saakashvili though not Poroshenko), is trying set the USA against Russia. For that purpose he organizes his own assassination and hacking of the onboard navigation systems of American president’s plane.

The Ukrainian special services make Americans think that it’s the work of Russians and declare war on the Kremlin. Bozek is then discovered as the culprit and as a result is called to the US President in the White House for a serious carpeting.

But Americans yet can’t back off and try to find ways to assist Kiev. Washington settles for a no-fly zone over Ukraine and shoots down the Russians airplanes.

Meanwhile Russia (headed by a woman by the way) captures Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkov and is getting ready to seize Mariupol and plans to invade to the Western Ukraine.

There’s an interesting scene when the Ukrainian president is accepted in the US State Secretary’s office in one of the previous episodes. When an assistant reports to the State Secretary on Ukrainian president waiting in his office, he asks crossly: ‘What? He’s obtained by request the weapons from Pentagon and now doesn’t just have other plans for lunch?’. During the meeting Bozek fails to persuade the Secretary to accept the Ukraine into NATO – saying otherwise he would be hanged on the Mikhail square.

The Ukrainians also appear in ‘Elementary’ this American detective series is about a latterday Sherlock Holmes (Watson by the way is played by a woman – the ex of Klichko Jr., one of the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Lucy Liu). It’s also on TV now.

According to the plot the former Ukrainian militants Vasil Melnik and Orest Mishchenko who had ‘left a trail of blood all over the Eastern Europe’, kill a Russian negotiator in New York who has had negotiations with the US State Department on the end of the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine.

According to some theories the hitmen could have been hired by the Ukrainian government that supposedly benefits from the war because it can make money out of it. ‘The war forced Ukraine again to address herself and to ask for help from outside, and they are happy with that help. They need to maintain their image of being Russian aggression’s victims’, - as Americans conclude in the series.

Hollywood Conspires with Moscow Against Kiev - Ukrainian Art Critics
According to the plot Ukrainian hitmen, ex-militaries Melnik and Mishchenko, in New-York kill a Russian negotiator for peace in Donbass.

The hand of the Kremlin

Ukrainian experts give mixed response on the Ukraine’s being featured in series abroad.

"All this of course can be attributed to scenarists who aren’t into the matter but I dare say that it’s an average image of how would-be media American community sees our conflict", - as Dmitri Dubov of the Ukrainian National Institute of Strategic Research, posted on his facebook. – "And I while I quite dislike this attitude, what made me glad is that the Ukrainians speak Ukrainian. Even Sherlock says a couple of words in Ukrainian. I can’t help but be pleased with the fact that Americans recognize the Ukrainians to be a separate nation".

Tatiana Lebedeva, a member of supervisory board of the National state television and radio broadcasting company of the Ukraine, got the scent of Russia in the American series.

"‘The seeds of the Russian disinformational weed plant fall down on the fertile ground and grow into strange forms", - Lebedeva posted on her facebook.

"It seems the series were sponsored by the Kremlin. It can be a fiction but a very offensive one", - Kiev director Alexander Kharanzhevich echoes.

But according to the film critic Sergei Zakrevski the movies form a public opinion that corresponds with the state's policy:

"It’s possible Americans are been prepared for lifting the sanctions imposed on Russia".

But political expert Alexei Govdyak disagrees:

"There’s no need to look for a black cat in a black room if there’s not one. In the ‘House of Cards’ series the fictitious US president Frank Underwood – is a bloody murderer, manipulator and the worst villain at all but that does not discredit the real president in the eyes of Americans. Everyone understands that is just a work of fiction and fantasy. The creators of such political series with a well woven plot based on the actual events and characters raise the ratings. There’s no need to look for any hidden motives. Moreover Russia isn’t presented in a positive way as well", - Govdyak says.

Photo: "Ukrainian President" Mikhail Bozek asks Americans to admit the country to NATO. A screenshot from MADAM SECRETARY


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