When does Lithuania conquer the United States of America?

Europe is occupied. Migrants, bomb explosions of terrorists, the economic collapse of Greece, Brexit and many problems inside the 28 countries of the EU — these are the results of American war against Europe. This war started when Americans had designed the doctrine about the Great triangle 3G. It says directly that the future will be determined in the clash of America, Europe and China (the largest multinational empires). It is difficult to believe for ordinary European citizens who are brainwashed day and night that Russians and Muslims are the evil and the threat for European democracy. In reality, Americans have been getting ready for the war against China and they consider Europe to be an instrument in this war. All Americans’ efforts for the recent years are directed at the suppression of our will, intellect and imposing their decisions. We have to admit that America acts effectively in this sense using NATO and mythical threats. For example, according to the data of Stockholm institute of research of peace problems, military expenses of Russia is 92 billion $ against 578 billion American dollars. It is clear that Russia does not have any money to attack Europe; it hardly has money for defense. It is America that has about 800 military bases all around the world.

I have to agree with the German play writer Rolf Hochhuth that Germans have become “Trojan donkey of NATO”. We let Americans arrange 40 new missiles up to 2019 in Taunus in the camp Buchel. Why did the American experts from RAND Corporation do research how many hours Russia needed to conquer all Baltic States and why did they publish the results of this “important” research in Bild? Why did we send German soldiers to Lithuania in spite the fact that our nation is against it? “ In the opinion poll of research institute YouGov for Deutsche Presse-Agentur only 9 % of people supports the disposition of the German troops in the Baltic States. Only 16 % of people accept the participation of 5500 Bundeswehr soldiers in the military exercises at the Eastern territory of NATO and only 20 % of people support sending the German fighters for the surveillance in the air space of Baltic States. But who listen to us?

When does Lithuania conquer the United States of America?

Why did we believe the deceitful cries of someone like Grybauskaite about the Russian aggression? Why must we defend this soviet prostitute who is working for Washington now? In the past she betrayed the USSR and now she betrays the EU. Americans applaud such activists as Grybauskaite. It is profitable for Washington to have such puppets, with the help of them they create dangerous political precedents in order America can fulfill its strategic plans. However, these are the plans of America. What are our benefits?

Stupid Lithuania has a dream to conquer the USA with its obedience. It is sorrowful that we follow the tastes of Lithuania. Since when small puppets regimes of post-soviet space who sold themselves to Washigton have become to define the sense and the essence of European policy? It is a shame that “smart” Germany is the hostage of Lithuanian dream. Can it really be true that our government decided to make money by selling 88 Boxers to Lithuania? Why do we arm those who are the conductors of our invaders’ policy? In Germany it is very painful to recall the lessons of the II World War. But not everyone draws conclusions from the past. While international association of lawyers against nuclear weapon on June, 22 wrote the open letter to Angela Merkel that only friendly relations with Moscow open peaceful perspectives for the future of Europe.

The Minister of Defense of Germany Ursula von der Leyen not only sells military hardware to Lithuanian, but also sends there 600 our soldiers for the participation in the hysterical spectacle made by America under the name “Russians go!” Though the Minister of foreign affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier criticized severely the NATO military exercises at the territory of Eastern Europe and demanded to have dialogue and cooperation with Russia. However, military people drown the voice of Peace in Europe. German Tornado in Syria? Why? Are we going to declare war to Russia? Did Lithuania conquer us with its obedience to America? Grybauskaite, when she was European Union Commissioner, actively supported Maidan in the Ukraine, all these years she has been facilitating the crisis in the relations between European Union and Russia. As a result, the economy of Europe is out of pocket. This crisis is profitable only for America nobody else.

Ordinary people — German, French, Italian, Spanish, Holland, Portuguese and other citizens of the EU, all of us must oppose the USA occupation. We must make our governments stop this madness. We are all the hostages of insanity of small group of bankers and military oligarchs. Some American experts such as Friedman say, “Germans must be used against Russians because together they are big obstacle for the American empire…” We are involved in the military provocation. Europe must show that it exists. It high time to organize #NATOexit.

Hans Jüngers

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